Meet The Team

  1. Joe Yanan
    "Poopervisor" Joe handles all our day to day operations, finances, invoicing, and budget.
  2. Kris Mayfield
    Manager & Trainer With more than 10 years of experience managing pups and people...Kris is the BEST at leading our pack! So happy to have him lead our team!
  3. Kelly Yanan
    Owner I oversee the safety & happiness of our fur friends, clients and staff. Focus on administration, marketing, rescue & events.
  4. Natalie
    Administrator Your dogs best friend away from home! Always kind and positive in every situation! Excellent role model to our staff!
  5. Ashley
    Salon Manager & Groomer Ashley has 8 years of experience with grooming and loves to make your pups look their best!
  6. Rachel
    Admin & Kennel Assistant Rachel has a lot of experience with dogs and loves working with you and your best friends!
  7. Joey
    Admin Joey is 17 and is a senior at Wheaton North. He loves to spend his free time playing with his dog, Sallie!
  8. Keirsha
    Kennel Assistant Kerisha has 2 dogs that bring so much joy into her life! If she could adopt every dog, she would!
  9. Jessica
    Kennel Lead Jessica comes to us with prior kennel experience and has endless love to provide our friends! We are so blessed to call her family!
  10. Argjiro "G"
    Kennel Lead G has been with us for a long time! She is very responsible when it comes to your pups and knows how to handle every situation!
  11. Artem
    Kennel Assistant Artem is one of our newest members and he has a pitbull that he raised from puppyhood. He grew up around many dog breeds including shepherds and boxers!
  12. Amy
    Groomer Amy has 17 years of grooming experience and has 4 fur-babies of her own! Come in on a Tuesday to get your dog groomed by Amy!
  13. Molly
    Kennel Assistant Molly started this summer and loves working with your dogs! She loves introducing her new Aussie puppy to your pups!
  14. Josh
    Kennel Assistant Thank gosh for Josh! Josh is great with dogs and LOVES to be busy with projects! Josh has been such an asset to the team!
  15. Carly
    Kennel Assistant Carly has a family of one daughter and 2 fur-babies! She has experience in a vet's office and loves to volunteer at animal shelters!
  16. Ulvo
    Kennel Assistant Ulvo started at Our Family recently and she knows everything there is to know about dogs and their breeds! She loves working with your pups!
  17. Alysha
    Groomer Alysha is our full time groomer. She started working with animals 8 years ago by volunteering at local shelters. From there, she found her passion for dog grooming!
  18. Hannah
    Kennel Assistant Hannah comes to us with over 3 years of experience! She has always had a passion for working with animals of all sizes! Caring for animals is what she loves most!
  19. Katrina
    Kennel Assistant Katrina has been caring for animals since she was a kid but has been caring for them professionally for 5 years! Her house is called a "zoo" because she has 4 dogs, a cat, and a bunny! Caring for furry friends is her specialty!
  20. Jackson
    Kennel Assistant Jackson has been with Our Family since they first opened in 2015! He grew up with dogs and recently rescued a pitbull/beagle named Honeybee!